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Indigenous nations face a broad range of environmental pressures in their territories – from polluted waters to depleted oceans to clear-cut lands. Canadian environmental laws offer some solutions to these problems, but currently they offer little to no formal recognition of the right and responsibility of Indigenous nations to make decisions using their own laws.

At West Coast, we work with Indigenous nations to articulate, revitalize and apply their laws to address ongoing environmental challenges and engage in proactive planning. Our approach is grounded in the understanding that Indigenous nations’ own legal systems should guide decision-making in their territories. Broadly, we work with nations to restore Indigenous decision-making about the land, air and water of their territories.

Our work includes the following areas:

  • Indigenous water law
  • Proactive land use, watershed and marine planning
  • Robust assessment processes
  • Healthy oceans

Top photo: Georgia Lloyd-Smith


Jessica Clogg Executive Director and Senior Counsel
Executive Director & Senior Counsel
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RELAW Project Lead
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