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EA Summit II Outcomes

In June 2017, environmental assessment (EA) experts from across Canada gathered in Ottawa to discuss how to implement next-generation EA principles in Canadian legislation.

Author: Anna Johnston
Publication Date: August 2017
Pages: 40
Thumbnail of August 2017 letter re: Federal EA Review

In June 2017, the federal government released its Environmental and Regulatory

Author: West Coast Environmental Law Association, Nature Canada, MiningWatch Canada, Centre Québécois du Droit de L’Environnement, Wildlife Conservation Society Canada, Anna Johnston, Jessica Clogg
Publication Date: August 2017
Pages: 4
2017-08 NEB Submission

This submission outlines key recommendations from West Coast Environmental Law Association in response to the federal government's

Author: Anna Johnston, Jessica Clogg
Publication Date: August 2017
Pages: 4

Following the release of the federal government’s discussion paper outlining proposals to strengthen environmental laws and p

Author: Jessica Clogg, Anna Johnston, Linda Nowlan, Eugene Kung, Andrew Gage
Publication Date: July 2017
Pages: 8

In June 2017, the federal government announced proposed amendments to the Oceans Act, Canada’s flagship marine protection law.

Author: Linda Nowlan, Maryann Watson, Georgia Lloyd-Smith
Publication Date: June 2017
Pages: 3

Indigenous peoples have been governing marine territories using their own legal traditions since time immemorial. For the most part, Indigenous legal orders have not been recognized or upheld in the governance of marine protected areas (MPAs) in Canada.

Author: Georgia Lloyd-Smith
Publication Date: June 2017
Pages: 16

The historic NDP/Green alliance in British Columbia has committed to "Immediately employ every tool available to the new government to stop the expansion of the Kinder Morgan pipeline, the seven-fold increase in tanker traffic on our coast, and the transportation of raw bitumen through our provin

Author: Jessica Clogg, Eugene Kung, Gavin Smith, Andrew Gage
Publication Date: June 2017
Pages: 8
Oceans 20 Workshop

Please see below to download materials for the Oceans 20 Interdisciplinary Workshop on Canada's Oceans Act (June 13-15, 2017).


Author: Multiple Authors
Publication Date: June 2017
Paddling Together Report

The combined effect of hundreds of thousands of different approvals, licences and unpermitted activities have combined over time to degrade our natural life support systems – the web of life that we are part of, and depend upon, to sustain our cultures and economies.

Author: Jessica Clogg, Gavin Smith, Deborah Carlson, Hannah Askew
Publication Date: June 2017
Pages: 120
MPA Progress

Different countries have different laws governing the creation of marine protected areas (MPAs). This chart shows the main MPA law or policy from each country, and demonstrates the progress being made in marine protection in different parts of the world.

Author: Linda Nowlan
Publication Date: May 2017
Pages: 1